Ray Carless & Club Skaaville Allstars celebrating Black History Month with Windrush Jazz & Ska live & direct.

Ray Carless recently had the Vortex Jazz Club audience rocking and skanking on their feet all night. Now it’s ALL ABOARD for one, two, three, four more exhilarating & energetic sessions of Windrush Jazz & Ska right across London Town.

Ray’s Windrush Jazz & Ska Party dishes out much more than your ordinary gig…

Comfortably in sync with the music, Ray employs a running commentary as he shares some of his most personal, captivating and heartwarming Windrush linked experiences. Come and enjoy the party, the music and his riveting thought-provoking narratives….

For example, this is how things panned out in March 1963, (one of the worst winters of all time) when Ray Carless, a wide-eyed and innocent 9 year old and his younger sister landed at Heathrow Airport.

The story reads that Rays’ dad had departed Jamaica (alledgly singing ‘London’s Di Place For Me) for the city where the streets were rumored to be paved with solid 98 carat gold.

*Background Information*

Ray’s sister (a brassy 6 years of age the time) would have still been snugling inside their mum’s tummy on the fateful day that dad packed his grip (aka suitcase) and left in the direction of blighty.

By the time that 6 year old little miss met dad, she thought that she was a ‘BIG WOMAN’ and it was full on fireworks when they first met…Can you guess what happened next?.

That’s more than enough free stuff for now. You’ll be able to ‘pays yo’ money’ to come and hear it first hand….

Find out what happened at their embarassing first public encounter in the middle of the arrival lounge inside London’s Heathrow airport..

Audience interactivity (especially from Windrush Generation offsping) is very much welcomed, so please visit us to get interactive with this wonderful highly charged Jamaican music showpiece.


SAT 22 JUNE 2019, 7.45PM – At the Vortex

Sunday Rice ’n’ Peas & Jazz Family Get Together