BlackPoppyRose – Alison Bajaican

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On Saturday I was given an opportunity to speak and hand out 14 precious commemorative Windrush magazines at the Basingstoke Caribbean Society #Windrush event.

I introduced myself as Alison Bajaican which means my Dad is from Barbados and my Mum is from Jamaica. I was able to point to the flags displayed behind me to encourage audience interaction and participation.

Dad came to England by a Spanish boat called T.M Begona in April 1962 and I have previously uploaded 3 videos of his story to YouTube on Father’s day 2 years ago. He didn’t grow up with youngest siblings but had an opportunity to get to know them with his frequent trips back and forth.

Mum came by plane – she has a picture of the day my grandmother saw her off at the airport in Jamaica.

Her sister Norma became a nursing sister in Sheffield at Northern General Hospital.

My Uncle Seymour was in the RAF: he was a wireless operater in Jamaica but when he came to England he was made to fix them (not operate them here).

I’m a Senior Radiographer standing on shoulders of all members of my Windrush family.

I was co-founder of the BME Radiographer Network at the Society of Radiographers which launched in 1997. This network sporned the annual Nigerian radiographers conference which is now in its 4th year – event held last Saturday in Heathrow.

The West Indian Association of Ex Service Personnel (WASP) march past event will be held on 7th October in Brixton.

I have attend their remembrance services every year since the death of my RAF uncle in 2008.

This is how we keep the spirit of Windrush alive by honouring our elders who sacrificed everything to serve King and country.